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Welcome to the web sites that are hosted by Gary, 
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each having their own dedicated URL whilst being hosted by Gary.

Dyslexia Health Education Association

Is on Dyslexia, Health, Education, and a lot more as well check it out and see for your self.

Wheelchair Accessible

This site is here to help peepal in a Wheelchair to find accessible places around the world, plus find accessible transport, plus accessible venues, and a lot more as well.

You are invited to write your story or comment on the Wheelchair Accessible group page on Facebook.

    Dyslexia Health Education Association Community Forum - Temporary Offline

    This is where you can get help with:

  • Security
  • Webwise / Phorm
  • Events
  • Telephone Suppliers
  • ISPs
  • Dyslexia
  • Dyspraxia
  • Attention Deficit Disorder
  • Dysgraphia
  • Child Safety on Line Tips.
  • Education
  • Health

  • And much more.
The Big Archive

Is an archive of some sites.

Keep Fit information

Gary's and Angela's Keep Fit information, the web site is work in progress.
The site will have a log of activitys done at home and at the gym.

Movie World - Opening Soon

Is on movie's, such as VHS tapes, DVD's & Blu Ray.
Please note no links to illegal movie downloading.

Audio World - Opening Soon

Is on audio that is sound recording's, such as music.
Please note no links to illegal music downloading.

My Computers.  - Now Closed Down
Moved to:

This site is on the computers that I have or had, plus software and hardware that I have or had.

DreamChaser Ltd.

This is The Original DreamChaser Web Site, it is still maintained and will be updated wen Barry sends info to go on the site.

Me & The Family  - Now Closed Down
Moved to:

The web site is on Gary and Gary's Family.

Saltergill Residential School For Boys 1970s

This web site is for the boys from Saltergill School in the 1970s. 

I hope that the boys will send in Photos of them and of the School in the 1970s, and any stories of the School in the 1970s, for example who was there favourite "Teacher", my favourite teacher was Misses jackson, Nick Name Hammer Hand. 

South East Surrey Dyslexia Association

Information on Dyslexia and Events from South East Surrey Dyslexia Association.

Living With Breast Cancer (Redcar)

There group consists of women, and their supporters, who have had breast cancer. 

They offer emotional support, health promotion and provide information about all aspects of breast cancer, including treatments, emotional and holistic approaches and self help therapies. 

Ashford Dyslexia Centre.  - Closing Down - Moving to the archive at:

Contact information for Ashford Dyslexia Centre.

East Cleveland Holiday & Out of Scool Web.  - Closing Down - Moving to the archive at:

ECHO Web is deliver accredited and non-accredited childcare training in the East Cleveland area.  They are an accredited centre for OCR (NVQs) and NCFE Awarding Bodies. 

They are a registered mobile creche delivering creches throughout Redcar & Cleveland and the Parish of Hinderwell.  They are registered to accept 24 children in each creche.  Each centre is an assessment base for childcare qualifications. 

ICT Tutors Student Support.  - Closing Down - Moving to the archive at:

The ICT Tutors Student Support
Working for the Community

Registered Qualified Tutors: 
Department of Employment 
BCAB Approved 

eBook Heaven.

Is a eBook store, eBook Heaven offers eBooks that not only make you money, but save you money and some have complete resell rights as well.

Internet Safety In Teesside or

The Aim is to help make the Internet experience a safer one for the people of Teesside. 

About Internet Safety in Teesside was founded in August 2001 by volunteer David Stenson.

This site is Mainly A Archive Of The Original (isit) the site is under construction.

it's my town to or

it's my town to is a web site on City's, Town's, and Village's.  Do you have any  Photos or Events from your City, Town, or Village?

Dyslexia Support Middlesbrough - Has Closed Down

Is on Dyslexia and Support for Dyslexics and Parents of Dyslexics.


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